Welcome to 2014! So… here I’m again…. no blog posts for almost a year?  How that happened? All the wonderful sessions and I did not post them here.  Maybe I should start with my excuse… in May 2013 we became a family of 6. SIX PEOPLE. 4 children in the house… you know what that means??? There is not enough adult’s hands to handle all the trouble… and no free hands to write blog posts for sure! But finally I’m doing it. 🙂
Our new baby- sweet Elise. We all love her so so much! She is such a sparkle. She is the  “E” in our L.O.V.E. (since the first letters of our kids names make now the word LOVE – Laura.Oliver.Vincent.Elise). Elise was born exactly on her big sister’s 10th Birthday. And now she is over 8 months old already- such a big girl! 🙂

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Elise’s first Christmas.
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